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About Us

Who is Remedial Massage Melbourne (RMM)?

Every month, we help thousands of massage and wellness seekers like you, find the best massage therapy to improve your health condition and wellbeing.

Do you often struggle to find the best massage remedy for your back pain, migraine, cramps, depression or anxiety? Are you confused by the different forms of massage styles and techniques available? Deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, remedial massage, Swedish massage,  myotherapy, acupressure, reflexology, etc.

Just in case you’re not aware, there are more than 80 forms of massage styles and techniques, each providing specific health benefits. How do you know which one is right for you, and where to find the specialised massage therapist near you?

Our comprehensive Health and Wellness Blog will have you covered, with interesting articles about which massage technique best suits your health condition and lifestyle.

Once you’ve identified the type of massage you need, simply use the convenient search tool on our site to find the best massage therapist near you.

Remedial Massage Melbourne  (RMM) is the largest online directory focused exclusively in the massage industry. We hold a database of over 2000 business listings within Melbourne and regional Victoria and we connect you with the best massage therapist in your local area. You are just a click away to a better health and well-being.


How has Covid-19 affected the massage industry?

The whole Covid-19 situation brought confusion, unrest and uncertainty to the entire world’s industry and economy. Unfortunately, it did not bypass the Victorians as well as small  businesses, including the massage industry.

The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee put massage therapy in the list of services that require close contact between patient and client, and as a result massage therapy was classified as a prohibited, non-essential service from a Covid safety perspective.

Over 2000 massage service providers in Melbourne and regional Victoria declared as non-essential had their business closed five times during the pandemic 2020 and 2021. Unfortunately, many of these businesses failed to get back on their feet after long periods of restrictions and lockdowns.

How some small businesses still managed to recover?

In today’s market, when the competition is enormous, becoming a successful and reliable massage therapist is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It is not just about a great technique, skilful fingers, and passion for your calling, but also being smart enough to survive when it is most challenging.

Only a few individuals are ready to take a step forward and start their own business under the uncertain Covid circumstances. It is more important than ever before to look and think ahead and make your business resilient.

How to achieve that? The solution is in digital adaptation. By going online, you will undoubtedly drive more leads and enhance your opportunities to get found. Being visible and increasing your online presence on the internet is crucial in today’s digital economy.

How is Remedial Massage Melbourne supporting the massage industry?

Given the amount of information the Australians are surrounded by, they often struggle to find the best massage services near them. That’s where we perform. Remedial Massage Melbourne (RMM) is an online business directory created with one goal in mind – helping businesses like yours get noticed and grow. Focused exclusively on the massage industry, we can help any small business in this field go digital and become more visible to a large community of massage therapy enthusiasts.

In addition to helping you stand out from the crowd online, RMM also provides your audience with plenty of information about massage therapy and its benefits, promoting it as one of the best ways to get rid of chronic pain and at the same time to relax after a hard day. Here, your visitors will also find everything they need to know about careers and training resources, all in order to encourage young people to consider massage therapy as a possible profession. This, of course, caters to all the current and future business owners!

As a community member of the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT), we stay in touch with the broader massage therapy community and support the industry via the association.

Finding all relevant information about massage therapies quickly and easily, market prominence, more customers, and career opportunities, that’s what RMM is all about!

Our Mission

Bearing in mind all the difficulties the Victorians faced during the pandemic, we decided to help them by adapting their small business to the digital age. We believe that every business deserves a fair go and hence:

RMM wants to ensure that every small business operator in the massage industry in Victoria could get FREE basic access to online marketing.

Once you are on our list, a large number of visitors will hear about you, and that is precisely what will set you apart in the market.

Our Vision

Our vision looks far into the future, right there where the digital world is the leading one. We aim to connect a massage and wellness enthusiasts community with more than 2000 massage service providers in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

RMM will continue to grow and evolve to provide Victorian businesses with flexible and affordable online marketing and digital tools so that they can go straight to success.

If you are one who is passionate about your profession and needs just a little help growing an independent career, join us today for FREE and widen your business with us!

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